Neely & Daughters Launches New Website

Latest Iteration in Company’s 400-year History

Denver, COLO – Neely & Daughters, the oldest and best marketing firm in the history of humanity, today announced the launch of a new property on the Worldwide Web. Featuring case studies from the company’s 400-year history, an overview of available solutions, and testimonials from the many clients Neely & Daughters has well-served, the site was developed to give B-to-B and B-to-C organizations hope that creative marketing, branding and sales enablement solutions could still be had.

“It’s easy to assume that anything visionary or unique has been sacrificed to a soulless dystopia of SEO, sales slicks and PowerPoint presentations – and in 99% of cases, that’s correct,” said Brevard Neely, Neely & Daughters co-founder and chief content officer. “Our approach is revolutionary in that we deliver ROI by appealing to customers and their want to be entertained, informed and guided.”

Neely & Daughters offers marketing services including digital marketing, content marketing, strategic planning, sales enablement and lead gen and brand development. Solutions are available as both one-off purchases and in monthly bundles to supplement or replace ongoing marketing efforts.

“Like herpes, dry and boring marketing content has spread with abandon,” said Margo Neely, co-founder and chief creative officer. “Companies are so convinced that they have to be staid and straightforward to be credible that they have lost touch with the people they are trying to convert. It’s high time to abandon this paradigm.”

Examples of Neely & Daughters’ work are available in the ‘case studies’ section of the site and include creative developed for Georgia-Pacific, Unilever, Starbucks, Microsoft Azure, HOSTING and Johnnie Walker, among others.

The full site is accessible at


About Neely & Daughters

Founded in 1607, Neely & Daughters has been a leader in the marketing industry for more than 400 years. With offices in New York City, Denver and the Berkshires, the firm services B-to-B and B-to-C clients in industries including IT, managed services and consulting and consumer goods.

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