I concede defeat

“She entered the apartment in a tumble. Tripping through the door, removing her shoes and coat, lanyard of keys in her teeth. As if she were urgently shedding her skin. ‘Back so soon? How was the party?’ he yelled from the kitchen. She padded over to him in silence, shaking her head. A wordless smile. He poured her a glass of the champagne that waited breathing for her return. ‘That good?’ He laughed. ‘They wanted a performance. So I went off for five minutes, paced around the powder room, and came back with a poem.’ He couldn’t contain his amusement. ‘May I hear it?’ She pulled a crumpled CVS receipt from her pocket, its scroll-like backside covered in scribbles. ‘It’s called, Congratulations! You are the WINNER!’ He chuckled. And with that, she cleared her throat and began her oration, transporting her audience to the Odeon of ancient Athens. ‘I concede DEFEAT! Congratulations…’ They never did eat the dinner he made.” 🧿

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