Questions to Ask About Your Logo

The whole process of logo design is tricky.

First, you have to be able to explain to your designer the key attributes of your business – or what you want it to be. Second, you have to force yourself (and any other stakeholders) to move beyond the school of ‘I like this’ and ‘I don’t like this’ to try to objectively judge the options on a basis deeper than aesthetics. Third, and perhaps most important, you have to have executive buy-in and sponsorship to any logo (or branding) change.

Ahhhh! But it’s so much easier to just throw $50 at some online freelancer and let him or her totally control your brand image. So. Much. Easier.

But it makes about as much sense as a broccoli wig.

Instead, take your logo design process seriously. If your designer doesn’t know how to guide you, here are some questions to ask yourself – and your compatriots – to help you get where you need to go.

  1. What emotions do we want the logo to evoke?
  2. What story do we want to tell?
  3. What is our brand’s personality?
  4. Who is our customer? What pain points are we trying to solve for them?
  5. What do my top five competitors’ logos look like? Do we want to follow the herd or forge our own path?
  6. What is the primary purpose of our logo?
  7. Will the logo look good horizontally, vertically, in a square, on a colored background, etc.?

These are a start. There are about 10 or 20 other points that a good designer and marketing agency will walk you through, often without you necessarily noticing. It’s a critical exercise to ensure that the brand’s true selling points are understood and communicated through its identity materials.

Your logo is often a prospect’s first introduction to your brand. Take the time – and make the effort – to ensure it truly reflects what you want to say. Work with true professionals who can help shape and guide your corporate presence. Because, truly, anything else is just pointless. You may end up with a logo – but you won’t end up with a brand.

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