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So many B2B marketing solutions fail. They’re inconsistent, they’re delivered to the wrong person or at the wrong time, they fail to connect, they’re boring, they’re poorly designed – the reasons are all fairly obvious to outside observers. But to those working in the trenches every day to generate leads, provide information and close deals, it can be overwhelming to take a step back to recalibrate the machine while its running. This is where – and when – Neely & Daughters can provide calculable value through our suite of B2B marketing solutions.

Our services start with understanding your brand: where it’s been and where you want to take it. From there, we craft the strategies, plans, content, collateral and delivery mechanisms necessary to tell your story, make it accessible, put it in front of buyers and make it all work in concert with your brand vision. Our services are available packaged together or a la carte to best fit your requirements and goals. We are also happy to provide the analysis necessary to prove that our solutions deliver ROI. It’s what we do.

our services

Digital Marketing

Website Design / Development
Social Strategy / Setup / Execution
Asset / Brand Integration

Sales Enablement & Lead Gen

Prospect & Base Campaign Strategy/Execution
Customer-facing and Internal Collateral
Marketo and Eloqua Strategy/Execution

Brand Development

Full Go-to-Markets
Logos and Visual Branding
Change Management Communications

Content Marketing

Digital Content Creation / Distribution
PR Strategy / Executive Communications
Thought Leadership Development / Positioning

Marketing on Demand

One-off projects, campaigns or events
Consulting to build in-house competencies
Strategies / Plans / Playbooks

Strategic Planning

‘Current State’ Evaluation
Research & Analysis
Marketing Mix Development

our partners

From our founding, Neely & Daughters has taken pride in partnering with true visionaries.
The creative, strategic, and technological firms we trust with our clients’ brands lead their
respective fields – and they’re as fun, thoughtful, and reliable as we are.

Get to know them by clicking on the links below, or ask us for a direct introduction.

our process

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The first step in the process is when we get to know everything there is to know about your brand, where you want to take it, and what challenges you want to solve. This is also where we couple intuition with AI — using data science and analytics to further understand where you've been and what people are saying, thinking, and feeling about your brand.



This stage is when the fun starts: brainstorming a killer plan of attack! Our A-team is let loose to innovate, conceptualize and refine our approach to your business problems. Intel is assessed and creative strategy is developed until we are confident we have the best solution – for you and for your customers. Then we lay out a statement of work specifying the exact plan and timeline. Once you sign off, it’s go time!



Execution is all about bringing our creative to life in market-ready assets and campaigns. Design and content are worked in-house until the end product gets our official seal of approval. By the end of stage 3, the rubber will have met the road and the final deliverables will be presented.



The grand unveiling! Launch is carefully orchestrated to fit into your sales cycles and timelines with plenty of feedback mechanisms to collect insight necessary for further optimization. Launch doesn’t mean work is done – it means we have the assets necessary to truly get started.



The analysis stage, which is ongoing throughout the life of your asset, is when we take a look at how our bets have paid off. Are prospects receptive? Is it being used by sales? Is it delivering the necessary return? This is where we get to the heart of what works.



We don’t ever rest on our laurels; instead, and as directed, we continually look for ways to get better – better messaging, better results, better ROI, you name it. Our work doesn’t live in a vacuum, and it’s in no way stationary – expect it to grow as you do.

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