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How does creative evolution morph into a revolution? Enter Hijacked Artist Management (HJCKD.AM): the visionary Amsterdam-based agency known for its stable of legendary talent and innovation in the international music, tech, creative, entertainment, and event spaces. In a partnership cemented by fate, Neely & Daughters and HJCKD.AM united over shared creative interests, created a global phenomenon, and made viral history. Moving forward, we are pioneering new means and methods of immersive experience. We are bound by unparalleled passion and a deep connection to creative source; Our manifesto? Disturb the Peace.

Our catastrophic success, a result of intuition, experience, and an acute understanding of human desire, has cemented us as bellwether forecasters, cultural futurists, and influencers. We are the renegades: unstoppable forces of nature, brought together by kismet, channeling our creative energy to bring a cutting-edge combination of ingenuity, style, and professional acumen to everything we do. With clients and fans worldwide, we are setting the global pace for what revolutionary content, creative, and experience looks like. Neely & Daughters and HJCKD AM: Poised to take on whatever lies ahead on the journey… and take over the world.

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  • In what could be the most fucking cool shit I’ve ever seen, a new sneaker design which incorporates the iconic black, red, orange and yellow 808 design has been unveiled. Not only that, but apparently the sneakers also function as a drum machine. Swish.

  • The machine even survives purely as a design object: The row of red, orange, yellow and white buttons across its front panel, representing a bar of music as 16 programmable "steps," has inspired a conceptual Adidas sneaker that would sell by the boatload if it were real.

    NPR Music
    NPR Music
  • Adidas has style. Wes Anderson has even more style... Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for them to dust off the TR-808 inspired kicks.

    Happy Mag
    Happy Mag

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