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At Neely & Daughters we follow a strict order of operations: research before strategy, strategy before creative. Is your company’s creative strategy sunk? Are you falling short with your audience? Is your mise en place perpetually out of place? This is where the consulting arm of Neely & Daughters can help. We’re big picture thinkers, but we know the devil is in the details. We believe good creative strategy is informed by opinions, and great creative strategy is informed by information. And we only serve great at Neely & Daughters.

Think of it as “couples therapy” for you and your audience. Our consultants listen to your brand story and hear it all — your triumphs, your pain points, your short and long term goals; We use a proprietary blend of data science and analysis to determine what your audience is really thinking and saying about your brand, and utilize that mined data to craft a fresh creative strategy that works. Plain and simple. Let Neely & Daughters create your action plan and watch your brand blow up the spot..

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From our founding, Neely & Daughters has taken pride in partnering with true visionaries.
The creative, strategic, and technological firms we trust with our clients’ brands lead their
respective fields – and they’re as fun, thoughtful, and reliable as we are.

Get to know them by clicking on the links below, or ask us for a direct introduction.

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We begin with intuitive listening: a process of passive engagement by which we hear your wants, needs, and desires and feel what is unspoken. This is also where we couple intuition with AI — using data science and analytics to further understand where you've been and what your audience is saying, thinking, and feeling.



This is when the picture truly begins to form. Using the physical and emotional information we’ve gathered, we passively allow the intel to take root and become pure epic vision. Once the idea has come into being, we develop a creative strategy and timeline that will allow for optimal execution.



Execution is all about bringing our creative vision to life. Strategy, content, design, and presentation are painstakingly worked in-house until the end product gets our official seal of approval. By the end of this stage, when we feel we’ve done the concept justice, the final deliverables will be presented.



This is when we drop the bomb. Our epic vision is released into the world, carefully orchestrated to fit into timelines, cycles, and the current climate for maximum impact. Launch is always a major celebration. It’s time to sit back for a minute, bust out the popcorn, and enjoy the fireworks.



The analysis stage is when we take a hard look at the impact we’re making. We gather new intel — this time in the form of media, coverage, and public response. We now have hard data that proves we’ve struck hearts and started a revolution.



We don’t ever rest on our laurels; instead, we continue to look for ways to expand, enrich, and connect. We strive for bigger, better, greater. Always. Our work doesn’t live in a vacuum, and it’s in no way impotent. Expect it to take on and take over the world.

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