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Formed with a corporate charter from King James in 1607, Neely & Daughters has been, arguably, the best marketing company for more than 400 years. The history of Neely & Daughters is writ large upon the business journals of time.



Cordelia Neely and her ten daughters sign as the first employees, and set up shop in a small cabin overlooking a cranberry bog. The women develop a pact stating that Neely & Daughters will be passed down along the matrilineal line – a tradition that continues today.


First Major Campaign

Neely & Daughters strategize and execute a multi-pronged combination pamphleteering campaign and encampment tour with noted spokesman, Lord VonBatten “Dunny” Dunworth.


Office Move

Intermittent Wifi in the bog hut drives the company to the heart of hipster Brooklyn. A year is spent clearing brush, killing boar and determining which office chairs give the best impression to their new Dutch neighbors.


Rebel Alliance Support

Neely & Daughters plays a key role in the revolution, providing key messaging, media training, flag development and design and blogger outreach for the Steady Ye Muskets informational campaign. It sparks their taste for revolution of any kind.


First Campaign Failure

Neely & Daughters suffers a reputational blow due to its execution of the Smile: Washington’s Teeth are Made of Tooth outreach messaging campaign and PR blitz, which is dogged by continuous rumors that his teeth are actually made of 2x4s.


Daguerreotype: The Right Type for You…and Your Dead

In its first tech go-to-market campaign, Neely & Daughters secures coverage in Mashable, Wired and House Beautiful, driving home the double-pronged points that photography is a game changer in driver’s license application / renewals, and that corpse pics are the latest decorating trend.


Honestly Abe! Website / Snapchat Filter

In coordination with Lincoln’s campaign for presidency, Neely & Daughters launch an interactive website detailing and exploring his history of walking several miles to right small infractions. A Snapchat filter with Lincoln’s signature beard and stovetop hat both amuses and delights voters.


Adelitas Social Media Campaign

Neely & Daughters support the soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution with a widespread social media campaign targeting young men and women. #MisAdelitasSonTusAdelitas positions the soldiers as a heroic emblem of bravery and power – without bikini shots and beauty tips.


Rivet This.

In response to the U.S. government urging female workers back to the home after WWII ends, the League of Women Voters contracts Neely & Daughters to develop a turnkey marketing campaign. The website offers downloadable, customizable tools empowering women to ‘give the finger’ to gender inequality.


Hellbent Supervixens

One year before the release of Batman on network television, Neely & Daughters introduces the format in its network TV debut: Ladies Revenge Club. Receiving the Palme d’Amazing at Cannes, the pioneering show kicks off a new era of surrealism, sexual liberation and female empowerment.


Brat Pack Multipack

The Brat Pack multi-channel brand repositioning includes a press tour with Emilio Estevez and Judd Nelson, a Reddit AMA with Ally Sheedy, and a televised fight to the death between Andrew McCarthy and Anthony Michael Hall. It wins several industry awards.


Y2K? U2K!

With the biggest IT challenge of our time looming, Neely & Daughters develop and produce a live-streamed U2 town hall to broadcast awareness about the Y2K bug. Bono quells public fears via an artfully designed PowerPoint presentation; organizers also distribute tri-fold brochures.


Neely & Daughters Website Launch

Neely & Daughters launch new website, with timeline of their storied 400-year history. Oprah features the website on her List of Favorite Things®, which is now distributed nationally with the Sunday circular. A small granola bar is taped to the page to generate interest.


The Present

Neely & Daughters continue to pave the way with their strategic insight – and creative output. The world continues to try to keep up.

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