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neely & daughters partner referral

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to associate your good name with ours. Together, we will create happy customers, reputational value, and giant swaths of wealth.

Who We Partner With

We partner with organizations in the IT, creative, sales and consulting industries that are iconoclastic leaders in their respective fields and targeting the same or similar prospects as we are. Luckily for us, those kinds of companies are run by people we like and respect.

Who to Refer Us To

We have two ideal customers:

1. A marketing or sales leader that needs help. Whether they’re overwhelmed, understaffed, unsure how to sell via inbound or outbound efforts, trying to brand or rebrand or just looking to spend dollars on an agency-level campaign and collateral, we are the ones that can help.

2. An executive that is fed up. Any executive that is fed up with not getting results from marketing spend, with slow and antiquated marketing processes, or with outdated branding and market positioning is a perfect referral. Our consultative, professional approach will quickly create measurable value.

As far as corporate structure, we target both B2C and B2B SMBs. We have a particular focus on the IT and managed services sectors with annual marketing spend in the $300,000 – $1.5 million range.

Our Pricing

We offer ongoing, monthly sales and marketing packages at bronze ($8k/month), silver ($12k/month) and gold ($18k/month) levels as well as one-offs and strategic consulting. We charge $175/hour for add-ons and custom solutions.

How to Refer Us

Our solutions can be white-labeled or referred; whichever fits your scope of services better. Anything white-labeled has to be carefully coordinated and executed; referrals can be more ‘loosey goosey’ and passed via email or telephone.


Per the partner referral contract, we will pay out 10% on the first SOW of any client you refer to us that generates $5000 or more in net revenue. We pay out via check within four months of receiving related payment (and typically much more quickly than that).

With Neely & Daughters, you be quite assured that each of your referrals will be treated with the care and consideration they deserve, that any questions you might have about the process will be answered to your satisfaction, and that you will enjoy a trusted and mutually beneficial relationship with us for, at the very least, the term of our contract.

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