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Peter Shaffer’s celebrated play Amadeus tells the fictionalized story of the rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the prolific and genius composer, and Antonio Salieri, a contemporary composer and court musician in 18th century Vienna. Amadeus explores themes of jealousy, obsession, and the pursuit of artistic excellence, as Salieri becomes consumed by his envy towards Mozart’s talent. Through a series of flashbacks, Salieri recounts his attempts to undermine and destroy Mozart’s career, ultimately leading to his own downfall.

This captivating re-imagining of Amadeus at the majestic Thompson Memorial Chapel at Williams College promises an extraordinary and unforgettable theatrical experience. The chapel’s resplendent architecture and impeccable acoustics provide an awe-inspiring setting that flawlessly complements the play’s period backdrop, effortlessly transporting spectators to 18th-century Vienna. Engaging the entire space, this immersive production positions the audience on all sides of the chapel, enveloping the audience in the experience. Through the inclusion of a full orchestra and vocalists, this innovative production transcends conventional boundaries, enabling spectators to wholly immerse themselves in Mozart’s powerful and moving compositions and embrace the captivating allure of live music. This ambitious staging unites theater, music, and history, forging an indelible fusion that tantalizes the senses and leaves an enduring impact on every attendee.

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Margo Neely is a polymath whose interdisciplinary work has been celebrated for its innovation and bold creative vision. With a background in art, philosophy, and technology, she is best known and as the multi-hyphenate creator of the award winning television series Ladies Revenge Club (“Best of the Fest” and “Best Short” winner at New York Comic Con/New York Super Week), the creator of the “Rosie Unriveted: We Can’t Do It Anymore!” campaign, and the visionary behind the Neely Air mi adidas custom concept — the megaviral drum machine shoe seen and loved by over 6 billion people worldwide.

Margo’s creative-technological innovations have earned her a reputation as a pioneer in the world of digital art, and she is frequently invited by media outlets around the globe to share her insights and expertise. Her work continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of art and technology, and she remains committed to using her talents to explore new frontiers while inspiring others to do the same.

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