Field of Dreams (Deferred)


Field of Dreams (Deferred) is a real-time memorial to the unfulfilled dreams of the living. The installation, inspired by and created from the words of people around the world and Langston Hughes’ Harlem, John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields, and W.B Yeats’ He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, is a modern memorial with a purpose: It honors the death of possibility, potential, and engagement in a dispassionate, disconnected, sterilized age. 

The exhibit is not pretty or slick or elegant. It is not television or a news program. We experience the world through screens as real life passes us by. We live other people’s ideas, needs, and desires as we deny our own. Field of Dreams (Deferred) replicates the mundane experience of modern technology and self-denial in an expansive physical space. The result is a kind of purgatory; An in-between soul-space; a dark dream elegy that invites the viewer to examine his or her connection to circumstance and choice. 

The onscreen text feed is a never ending scroll of user-submitted dreams that could not be achieved due to fears, financial constraints, personal obligations, and/or lack of opportunity.

They are shared publicly by participants from every corner of the globe via an online form; This data is networked to a live feed and displayed onscreen in the space in real time.

Submitted dreams populate the space like instant messages, giving the visitor the opportunity to engage and connect with the intimate desires of people around the globe. 4K, live feed footage of daily life in capital cities in every country on every continent bring the world to the viewer in a single physical space. The places, the people, and their dreams are live and real – raw, moving, and accessible. 

Illuminated dots of blue, like luminescent petals of the Forget-me-not, float on screen to represent the data —- every user, every dashed dream – the spark within that connects us all.  

There will be no stone monolith erected to the purpose we deny; No memorial rising from the landscape to commemorate the living we are missing out on right now. Field of Dreams (Deferred), vast and ominous, is a reminder that time is not promised, but there is still time to take a chance. 

Field of Dreams (Deferred)

About Margo Neely


Margo Neely is a polymath whose interdisciplinary work has been celebrated for its innovation and bold creative vision. With a background in art, philosophy, and technology, she is best known and as the multi-hyphenate creator of the award winning television series Ladies Revenge Club (“Best of the Fest” and “Best Short” winner at New York Comic Con/New York Super Week), the creator of the “Rosie Unriveted: We Can’t Do It Anymore!” campaign, and the visionary behind the Neely Air mi adidas custom concept — the megaviral drum machine shoe seen and loved by over 6 billion people worldwide.

Margo’s creative-technological innovations have earned her a reputation as a pioneer in the world of digital art, and she is frequently invited by media outlets around the globe to share her insights and expertise. Her work continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of art and technology, and she remains committed to using her talents to explore new frontiers while inspiring others to do the same.

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