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The following build order is modular in nature and will be customized to each client’s particular business goals. Time estimates include project management, internal/client reviews, and 2 rounds of revisions. Cost includes high/low estimate based on sliding scale billing rate. Timeframe and cost estimates assume efficiencies wherever possible, and that client will make themselves readily available for timely feedback and sign offs.

structure & strategy

Business Plan Development
Outlining business objectives and strategy for achieving them.
Deliverable: Business Plan deck (30-40 pages)
Timeframe: 3 weeks (in collaboration with founders)
Cost: $24K/$12K

Team Creation | Recruitment
Streamline potential team dynamic, identifying and bundling tasks/responsibilities under specific roles. Write job descriptions. Identify target candidates. Coordinate with recruiter to schedule interviews. Create conversation guide for interviewer to elicit informative responses from candidates.
Deliverables: Job descriptions (1-5). Conversation guide (1-pager).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $12K/$6K

Operations Strategy, Policies, & Playbook
Create outline of all internal processes, tasks, roles and responsibilities.
Deliverables: Operations Playbook (15-30 pages)
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $12K/$6K

Determine Legal Business Structure
Coordinate with third-party legal counsel to establish official business entity, outline employee laws, obtain necessary business permits/licenses, trademark protection.
Deliverable: Consultation
Timeframe: 2 weeks (in collaboration with founders/legal team)
Cost: $6K/$3K

Register with Government/IRS
Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
Deliverable: Task management
Timeframe: 1 day
Cost: $900/$450

Insurance Acquisition
Determine proper insurance coverage for business entity, intellectual property, etc.
Deliverable: Task management
Timeframe: 1 day (in collaboration with founders/insurance professional)
Cost: $2400/$1200

Senior Leadership Profiles: Interviews | Bios | Photo Shoot
Capturing the vision of our senior leadership—how they view our unique offering, insights into our target audiences, and opportunities for the business (to inform all marketing and sales materials).
Develop senior leadership bios to be used in all pitch/fundraising materials, LinkedIn profiles, etc.
Deliverable: Interview recordings and transcripts; Bios (1-6). Photo shoot & retouching (1-6 photos).
Timeframe: 4 weeks
Cost: $8,000/$4,000 (1-2 interviews) / $20K/$10K (3-6 interviews)

Brand Platform | Positioning Statement | Pillars | Reasons to Believe
Articulating the brand based on its distinct offering. Identify three core pillars that support our value proposition, and reasons to believe. Develop positioning statement that reflects our unique promise.
Deliverable: Brand Platform deck (3-5 pages).
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Cost: $12K/$6K

Target Audience Profile | Conversion Strategy
Clearly identify our target audience(s)—who are they, what drives them, pain points, etc. Outline what we want them thinking, doing and saying as it relates to our brand.
Deliverable: Target Audience deck (15-20 pages).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $9K/$4.5K

Competitive Audit | Identifying Opportunities
Research and outline competitive landscape. Provide overview of competitor brand points of differentiation (brand promise, corporate identity, look and feel, tone of voice, etc.). Identify opportunities.
Deliverable: Competitive Audit & Opportunities deck (15-20 pages).
Timeframe: 1.5 weeks
Cost: $9K/$4.5K

Vision Statement | Mission Statement | Purpose
Articulating why we do what we do (will guide all future messaging).
Deliverable: Deck (1-3 pages).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $6K/$3K

Elevator Pitch / Brand Story / Messaging Platform / Tone of Voice
Developing copy that communicates our reason for being—in both short-form (Elevator Pitch) and longer-form (Brand Story, 3-4 paragraphs). Developing high-level consumer-facing copy that can be repurposed across our website, brochures, social media and other marketing materials. Identifying our unique tone of voice and the writing methods used to achieve it consistently across all communications.
Deliverable: Deck (15-20 pages).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $12K/$6K

Financing/Early-Stage Fundraising Strategy
Identify founding team. Identify advisor/champion/board member. Pitch development (deck/video). Identify angel investors. Apply to incubators. Assess crowdfunding potential (develop crowdfunding platform). Identify venture capital investors.
Deliverables: Strategy deck (20-30 pages). Pitch deck (20-30 pages). Pitch video. Crowdfunding platform.
Timeframe: 4 weeks
Cost: $78K/$39K

brand creation

Naming / Trademark
Run a naming discovery workshop to identify our brand name, as well as the names of our offerings, sub-brands, etc. Long-list development of potential names. Refined short-list based on preference. Coordination with legal team for trademark search, availability, necessary refinements and securing of trademarks. Includes 2 rounds of long-list development, guidance on short-list selections.
Deliverables: Naming Long-list (30-50 names), Short-list for trademark (1-3 names)
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Cost: $18K/$9K

Developing copy for all marketing and sales materials (web/print/case studies/etc.).
Deliverables: Copy deck
Timeframe: 1.5 weeks (small scale) / 3 weeks (full scale)
Cost: $12K/$6K (small scale) / $24K/$12K (full scale)

Logo | Typeface
Developing a singular logo/brand mark that communicates our brand identity. Selecting typefaces to be used across all communications.
Deliverables: Logo Exploratory deck (10-20 potential logos). Typeface exploratory deck (5-10 typefaces). Final logo and typeface guidelines.
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Cost: $18K/$9K

Brand Look | Design & Imagery Guidelines
Design and imagery exploratory. Identify photography/illustration style. Create guidelines document to provide creative direction for all marketing materials, website, social, etc.
Deliverables: Design Exploratory deck (10-20 pages), Design Guidelines (20-30 pages)
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Cost: $18K/$9K

Brand Imagery (Custom)
Coordinate photo shoot for all marketing imagery. Secure photographer, location, talent, props, etc. Select final images for photo editing. Edit/retouch final images. Export high-res and web-optimized versions.
Deliverables: 50-100 images
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Cost: $30K/$15K

Brand Imagery (Stock)
Identify and purchase initial photography/imagery from stock photo sites to be used across all marketing materials.
Deliverables: 20-40 images
Timeframe: 16 hours / 2 days
Cost: $4,800/$2,400

Brand Book | Agency Briefing Document
Complete deck compiling all brand positioning, target audience, messaging, nomenclature and design guidelines. To be used as a briefing document for all agencies, PR, publicity, etc.
Deliverable: 50-80 pages
Timeframe: 1.5 weeks (based on previously developed materials) / 6-8 weeks (from ground up)
Cost: $3K/$1.5K (based on previously developed materials) / $75K/$37.5K (from ground up)

Brand Design (Print Communications)
Branded design for all printed marketing and sales materials
Deliverables: Brochure, Case Studies, White Papers, Infographics, Business Cards, Sales Deck, etc. with templates /custom libraries for repeat
Timeframe: 6-12 weeks
Cost: $60K/$30K (small scale) / $100K/$60K (full scale)

Target Audience Profile | Conversion Strategy
Clearly identify our target audience(s)—who are they, what drives them, pain points, etc. Outline what we want them thinking, doing and saying as it relates to our brand.
Deliverable: Target Audience deck (15-20 pages).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $9K/$4.5K

Filmed Content
Produce script for 60-90 second video that communicates brand, mission, or success story. Secure DP/production studio, location, talent, props, etc. Oversee editing process. Present initial edit and revise based on feedback. Present final edit. Cost Includes pre-production, production, and post-production of broadcast quality HD video. Integration of animated brand elements, logo, logo bug, title cards and lower thirds.
Deliverables: 5—10 custom HD videos for website, PR, and social media platforms
Timeframe: 6-8 weeks
Cost: $80K/$40K

Landing Page
Create landing page to establish company identity and provide initial point of contact.
Deliverables: Landing page design & development (1 page), copy (headline/subhead/CTA/1-3 paragraphs supporting copy), SEO.
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Cost: $18K/$9K

Website Development | UI/UX | Design (Full-scale)
No page limits, no scope creep, no other clients. Client gets agency’s exclusive, undivided attention. Technical discovery period to review current systems, proposed sitemap, and upcoming tech needs. Recommendations about hosting, security, privacy and additional special features/necessary integrations. Identify and purchase design template/theme, custom design, full-scale development, implement branded design elements, copy and social media plug-ins. Search engine optimization. Testing and quality assurance. Ongoing site management.
Deliverables: Live Multi-page Website
Timeframe: 3 months (minimum to start)
Cost: $30K/$18K (small scale)

brand presence, strategy, and development

Content Strategy
Identifying the content that should be featured across all marketing materials website/social media/etc. (including content calendar). Competitive content audit and recommendations. Audit all existing content, recommendations for repurposing, updating, etc.
Deliverables: Content Audit & Strategy deck
Timeframe: 1.5 weeks
Cost: $18K/$9K

Go-to-Market Strategy
Outline initial marketing strategy (digital media placement/email/OOH/POP/print). Public relations/media outreach strategy. Speaking/conference circuit strategy. Social media strategy. Call to action/mobilization/conversion strategy. Data acquisition strategy.
Deliverable: Go-to-Market Strategy deck (30-50 pages)
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Cost: $24K/$12K

Social Media Pages
Creating all social media pages—including LinkedIn company page & founder profiles, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Google Business Page, etc. (based on social media strategy). Uploading initial content, imagery, etc. Identifying and connecting with fellow users, eliciting likes/follow-backs, etc.
Deliverables: Live Social Media Pages
Timeframe: 1 week (small scale) / 2 weeks (full scale)
Cost: $6K/$3K (small scale) / $12K/$6K (full scale)

Social Media Page Management
Ongoing page management, community development, implementation of content calendar/postings, etc.
Deliverable: Ongoing management (daily/weekly/bi-weekly)
Timeframe: 1-2 hours daily / 2-4 hours weekly / 4-8 hours monthly
Cost: $300-$600/$150-$300 daily / $600-$1,200/$300-$600 weekly / $1,200-$2,400/$600-$1,200 monthly

IT | Cloud Setup & Management
Identify internal hire or third-party IT vendor to manage all technical needs, file management, email systems, mobile sales devices, cloud set up, etc. Outline all technology-related needs/tasks/etc. Create job description. Coordinate with recruiter. Create conversation guide for interviewer.
Deliverables: Job description. Conversation guide (1-pager).
Timeframe: 12 hours / 2 days
Cost: $3,600/$18K

Marketing Campaign
Cross-platform marketing campaign (digital media placement, social, video, email, OOH, POP, etc.). Identify campaign goals and strategy. Develop design, copy, media units. Identify and purchase media placements. Oversee rollout. Provide measurements and metrics.
Deliverables: Ad units (Design & Copy, Video, etc.) (TBD)
Timeframe: 1-2 months
Cost: $48K/$24K (small scale) / $96K/$48K (large scale)

PR / Media Outreach
PR strategy, develop press releases, media outreach, interview coaching/talking points cheat sheet.
Deliverables: Consultation. Media Outreach. Interview Coaching. Talking Points Cheat Sheet (1-pager).
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Cost: $24K/$12K

Strategic Partnerships
Identify strategic partnerships, revenue/exposure opportunities, outreach strategy, email copy.
Deliverables: Strategic Partnerships deck (15-20 pages). Email copy (1-2 templates).
Timeframe: 1 week
Cost: $12K/$6K

Growth Plan
Identifying long range targets and growth strategy.
Deliverable: Growth Plan deck (20-30 pages)
Timeframe: 2 weeks
Cost: $12K/$6K

Vendor Management
Ongoing management and coordination between third-party vendors. Project management.
Deliverable: Ongoing management (daily/weekly)
Timeframe: 1-2 hours daily / 2-4 hours weekly / 4-8 hours monthly
Cost: $300-$600/$150-$300 daily / $600-$1,200/$300-$600 weekly / $1,200-$2,400/$600-$1,200 monthly

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