Neely Air TR-808 customs*: Ask Audio’s #1 story of 2017!

Margo Neely’s Neely Air Mi Adidas TR-808
custom concept* ranks “Most Popular story of 2017”

BIG NEWS ushers in a Happy (and totally stunning) New Year for Margo Neely and team Neely & Daughters, as we step into 2018 on an incredible note (puns intended!) We just learned that the Neely Air mi adidas | Roland TR-808 custom concept* was the MOST POPULAR STORY on Ask.Audio in 2017! And this breaking news report, published January 2, 2018 on the official Ask.Audio website, had nearly one million views on the day of its release! (Read: “Top Music News Stories of 2017, Ask.Audio Official Website.”) We are overwhelmed, sending so much love to our champions and fans, and extremely grateful to Ask.Audio Executive Editor Rounik Sethi and team, who had this to say about our #1 spot:

By far this scoop on the concept Adidas Roland TR-808 shoes grabbed our attention and yours more than any other story. The best thing: these shoes went viral afterwards and the story isn’t over yet… stay tuned to Ask.Audio for more news when it comes in…

With a global online readership of 6.4 billion people and over 10.9 million coverage views and climbing, The Neely Air Mi Adidas TR-808 custom concept has the entire world stepping to the beat. Created by Margo Neely, the project organically found its audience and fans lit a match that sparked a worldwide fire in the mainstream media. The still-growing viral phenomenon has garnered full-page stories, video tributes, and fandom in hundreds of major print and digital publications on every continent across the globe. (Check out a small sample of press, organized by region, after the jump.) The innovative beat making shoes captured the imagination of the press and fans alike, disturbing the peace with an additional estimated engagement of 47 to 54 million across all social media channels.

Margo Neely, creator of the Neely Air Mi Adidas TR-808 sneaker and Chief Creative Officer at Neely & Daughters, sought to pay homage to the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine and the pioneers of Hip Hop with a 21st century twist. An influencer and innovator pioneering the crossover and amalgamation of creative and branding in the fashion, music, tech, and lifestyle spaces, Neely’s drum machine concept shoes represent the future of both wearables and effective creative.

To view the complete and unexpurgated press and metrics on the Neely Air Mi Adidas TR-808 sneakers, please visit our coveragebook.

global audience metrics

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united kingdom • australia • africa

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* The Neely Air mi adidas | Roland TR-808 custom concept was not solicited by and is not endorsed by Roland Corporation or adidas. It is purely an artistic concept.


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