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Neely & Daughters specializes in producing revolutionary digital content that captivates. On social media platforms, there is no better way to capture fans, clients, or customers than with a gorgeous cinemagraph:a looping still image-video hybrid that employs animated elements to hypnotic effect. We are proud to offer Neely & Daughters’ vision powered by Werble, the evolutionary photo animation platform, to produce unforgettable visual campaigns for influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs. The result: Next level creative and innovation from two teams defining the future of media and engagement.

project lead

Margo Neely

what we do

  • Campaign Vision + Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Design + Production

why it matters

With video accounting for nearly 80% of all online traffic, it is essential that brands make original film and animated content a priority. Cinemagraphs not only have a significantly better rate of audience engagement, but a greater return on investment than static images. Using Werble, Neely & Daughters produced over 550 original cinemagraphs for social media campaigns in 2017 alone. The result? Rabid fans and clients rolling in ROI.

Visual Content Statistics: Cinemagraphs on Social Media*

*via Hubspot and KPCB Internet Trends 2017 Report

Internet traffic from video content
Increase in Engagement Rate
Click through rate increase

Cinemagraphs in Action • Click to View

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