In August 2020, Margo Neely created the “CALGON Take Me Away 2020” political yard sign (and accompanying film)— both a play on the famous Calgon bubble bath ad campaigns of the 1970s and 80s. The film featured a frustrated woman releasing her frustrations with life and floating away in an enormous soap bubble: “The pandemic! The election! The lockdowns! The protests! The meth gators! What a year 2020 was… and it ain’t over yet! Let us ‘take you away’ with the one sign we all need (… other than the middle finger!) 2020 has been a washout like no other, so why not add a little Calgon and float away in the only bubble that really matters.”

project lead

Margo Neely

what we did

  • Vision + Concept + Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Design + Execution

why it mattered

Public interest and demand for copies of the sign were overwhelming, so Neely & Daughters partnered with The Print Shop Williamstown to mass produce and sell the signage to bring a little levity to every neighborhood that needed it. The CALGON • TAKE ME AWAY 2020 project captured an audience across the United States of America, with families and businesses proudly displaying our art in their windows and on their front lawns from New York City to Los Angeles.

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