Campaign for Real Beauty


Now viewed as one of the top brand / PR successes of all time, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty nonetheless had to start somewhere. We were challenged with garnering editorial interest and consumer participation for various promotions within the broader campaign, including an in-person model meet and greet in Times Square.

project lead

Bree Neely

what we did

  • Fact sheets
  • Pre- and post-event press releases and media follow-up
  • Pitch letters
  • Editorial event support

why it mattered

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty sparked a revolution in modern advertising. From the cover of People Magazine to a segment on Oprah!, the work ‘hit a nerve’ in women who were tired of being misrepresented and marginalized. Sales of Dove went through the roof to the tune of $1.5 billion in additional revenue generated a year since the campaign’s launch.

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