GTRI has identified an incredible opportunity to rebrand itself as a business consulting company and professional services leader to the thousands of commercial and government organizations in need of its support and expertise. With a crowded field of competitors who virtually interchangeable marketing and positioning, GTRI is poised to quickly gain ground with an innovative approach, comprehensive vision and energized sales team.

project leads

Bree Neely • Margo Neely

proposed solution

  • Full and immediately actionable marketing, digital advertising and PR strategy to introduce and support new sales models, competencies and prospects
  • Comprehensive rebrand, including all logos, signage, digital and print properties, collateral and creative assets
  • Business process optimization and coordination to wholly integrate sales and marketing departments and platforms
  • Lead gen campaign creation, targeting net new clients and upselling the existing base with new service model
  • Successful implementation and usage of Eloqua with all associated nurture tracks, lead scoring and landing page development

why it will work

The impact of a unique, authentic and elegant brand presence, a consistent, end-to-end customer experience, and unified efforts between marketing and sales, will catapult the company over its competitors.

When GTRI finds its voice in this new arena, the results will change the course of an already great company. It will be a pivotal moment transforming the histories of GTRI, its employees and its clients. And it will create the foundation for many, many successful years to come.

Flattering Words From
Distinguished Professionals

  • There are a few things I look for in an agency: innovation, execution and results. Neely & Daughters hit it out of the park on all three counts.

    Angela Schwab
    Angela Schwab Founder, INV/ALT Design
  • It’s very unique to come across a firm that possesses both the mental agility to quickly understand your key business drivers as well as the ability to deliver high quality collateral that immediately adds value. Neely & Daughters is exactly that.

    Rick Moore
    Rick Moore Vice President, HOSTING
  • Neely & Daughters was engaged and proactive from day one of our project, working side by side with us while we developed our strategy and adjusting course on the fly when we expanded scope. The result has been a complete brand re-boot that has already led to new opportunities and concrete ROI.

    Andrew Melchiorri
    Andrew Melchiorri Director of Sales, Automata
  • Nothing is lost in translation with Neely & Daughters. They took the time to understand the nuances of our offering – so that the final product not only looked great but represented our company perfectly.

    Gene Rodgers
    Gene Rodgers Advisor, Automata
  • In working with Neely & Daughters, I was equally impressed with both the discovery process as well as the final product. They made the effort to truly understand our offering so that the outcome not only looked professional but presented our service exactly as we wanted.

    Andrew Fraine
    Andrew Fraine Director of Data Science, Automata
  • Intelligent. Perceptive. Highly capable. All words I use to describe Neely & Daughters. From discerning what makes my business unique to translating insights into powerful content, Neely & Daughters delivers.

    Rick Moore
    Rick Moore Vice President, HOSTING
  • Neely & Daughters is unique in that they immediately got to the heart of the matter: what does my business represent and how does that message get delivered. Rather than endless cycles of ‘marketing fluff’, they provided clear, concise collateral that could be put to work on day one.

    Rick Moore
    Rick Moore Vice President, HOSTING
  • Margo Neely of Neely & Daughters is the most talented, inventive visual designer with whom I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate. She possesses a unique combination of meticulous professionalism and creative vision which is not only invaluable in today’s marketplace, but raises the production value of every project she works on. I cannot recommend her work highly enough, and frankly I cannot wait until our next project!

    Marc Lesser
    Marc Lesser Director, Lucky Tiger Productions, LLC
  • Neely & Daughters superb creative work resulted in beautiful promotional and branding materials for Starry Night Theater Company. Delivery is always on time and correct and I love working with them.

    James P. Briggs
    James P. Briggs Artistic Director, Starry Night Theater Co.
  • Margo Neely’s Ladies Revenge Club, "Best Series" winner at Here be Dragons/Nine Worlds Geekfest, is a non-stop blast of Fem Fun - sassy, knowing and righteous!

    Here be Dragons Film Festival
    Here be Dragons Film Festival Nine Worlds Geekfest
  • Margo Neely is a creative mastermind.

    The Real Stan Lee
    The Real Stan Lee Legend/Juggernaut, Marvel Comics
  • Margo Neely wins big with 'BEST SHORT' and 'BEST OF THE FESTIVAL' awards for Ladies Revenge Club at GeekFest Film Festival at New York Super Week/New York Comic Con!

    GeekFest Film Festival
    GeekFest Film Festival New York Super Week/New York Comic Con
  • Margo Neely: New Media QUEEN

    Amanda Korman
    Amanda Korman The Berkshire Eagle
  • Bree's marketing, PR, branding and development work for the Worldwide Fistula Fund had a tremendous impact on its successful relaunch. Her expertise and guidance was incredibly helpful.

    Mark Shaker
    Mark Shaker Former Executive Director, Worldwide Fistula Fund
  • Everyone is blown away by the art!!! Huge thanks for the magnificent artwork. We are truly grateful and will spread the word about Neely & Daughters.
    Paul Bernstein
    Paul Bernstein Lead Singer, Bunkbed
  • From fun to scary and back again.

    NY Daily News
    NY Daily News
  • Playful, odd, resonant...poetic. It is truly experimental.

    The New York Times
    The New York Times
  • ...creates a compellingly unsettling evening...[which] reflects Axis's clear and powerful artistic vision.

    The New Yorker
    The New Yorker
  • ... so mind boggling the first time around that a second visit was required.... a promising aesthetics in progress.

    The Village Voice
    The Village Voice
  • One of the top ten reasons to applaud New York Theatre

    Time Out New York
    Time Out New York
  • Obamacare is insurance reform, not heath care reform. Real reform is a change in the delivery system.

    John Torinus, Jr. Author, The Grassroots Health Care Revolution
  • A great customer experience for your employees should drive best possible health outcomes and lower costs.

    David Berg Physician, Entrepreneur, Author
  • I really believe what you have done for our workers' physical, and even mental, well-being has been the best proactive step that we've ever taken.

    Solve Client Cardinal Glass
  • In what could be the most fucking cool shit I’ve ever seen, a new sneaker design which incorporates the iconic black, red, orange and yellow 808 design has been unveiled. Not only that, but apparently the sneakers also function as a drum machine. Swish.

  • Adidas has style. Wes Anderson has even more style... Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for them to dust off the TR-808 inspired kicks.

    Happy Mag
    Happy Mag
  • The machine even survives purely as a design object: The row of red, orange, yellow and white buttons across its front panel, representing a bar of music as 16 programmable "steps," has inspired a conceptual Adidas sneaker that would sell by the boatload if it were real.

    NPR Music
    NPR Music
  • The QUARTZ Obsession: a daily digression into the most fascinating corners of the global economy. September 22, 2017: Viral Wonders | A Fitting Tribute: The The TR-808 drum machine and the TR-808 prototype sneaker by Neely & Daughters.

  • Taking its design cues from the legendary TR-808 drum machine, the New York based digital engineers Neely and Daughters dreamed up this prototype. On top of its impeccable styling, the sneaker features tempo control, a start/stop button, speakers, USB port, wi-fi, and bluetooth built-in... Talk about an incredible innovation!

    Gizmodo Japan
    Gizmodo Japan
  • Margo and her firm have been inundated with requests and offers from all sorts of top brands in the electronic music industry. And now Margo and her team are hard at work on a “revolutionary product” that, she claims, will surpass the TR-808 trainers in every conceivable way. There’s talk of lifestyle, wearables and game-changing, which all sounds very exciting. If any of Margo’s enthusiasm and self-belief could ever materialise as a product then I think it’s going to be awesome.

  • The Neely Air TR-808 customs: The #1 Most Popular story of 2017. By far this scoop on the concept Adidas Roland TR-808 shoes grabbed our attention and yours more than any other story. The best thing: these shoes went viral afterwards and the story isn’t over yet…

    Ask Audio
    Ask Audio
  • What better way to show that special lady how amazing she is than busting out the ol’ credit card and buying her something fancy? If you do happen to find yourself on that path, here are a few humble suggestions: Rosie Unriveted: Tie on your ol’ bandanny and flip society’s expectations the bird with this modern take on the classic image. Point to it wordlessly next time you’re asked to both bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.

    The Broadview
    The Broadview
  • Holy crap. This is everything.

    Janice N. Madison, NJ
  • Blanketman® is legit my fantasy made real. Thank you for helping so many women just like me get through the struggle!

    Maria R. Lenox, MA
  • Best. Gift. EVER. You have found a customer for life!

    Rebecca L. Scarsdale, NY
  • "I like the sharpness of the photograph, but also the contrast between the visual complexity of the apple tree, its age, and the youth with their innocence."

    Olivier Mesley
    Olivier Mesley Hardymon Director, Clark Art Institute
  • “Margo Neely’s ‘Apple Picking’ has an otherworldly quality that makes the popular autumn pastime feel extraordinary.”

    Stephanie Plunkett
    Stephanie Plunkett Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Norman Rockwell Museum

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