GTRI has identified an incredible opportunity to rebrand itself as a business consulting company and professional services leader to the thousands of commercial and government organizations in need of its support and expertise. With a crowded field of competitors who virtually interchangeable marketing and positioning, GTRI is poised to quickly gain ground with an innovative approach, comprehensive vision and energized sales team.

proposed solution

  • Full and immediately actionable marketing, digital advertising and PR strategy to introduce and support new sales models, competencies and prospects
  • Comprehensive rebrand, including all logos, signage, digital and print properties, collateral and creative assets
  • Business process optimization and coordination to wholly integrate sales and marketing departments and platforms
  • Lead gen campaign creation, targeting net new clients and upselling the existing base with new service model
  • Successful implementation and usage of Eloqua with all associated nurture tracks, lead scoring and landing page development

why it will work

The impact of a unique, authentic and elegant brand presence, a consistent, end-to-end customer experience, and unified efforts between marketing and sales, will catapult the company over its competitors.

When GTRI finds its voice in this new arena, the results will change the course of an already great company. It will be a pivotal moment transforming the histories of GTRI, its employees and its clients. And it will create the foundation for many, many successful years to come.

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