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The Snuggle brand was seen as stodgy and old-fashioned, and its market share reflected that it was no longer resonating with younger, hipper moms. Snuggle needed to ‘shed the bear’ to engage with a new audience.

project lead

Bree Neely

what we did

  • Created a unique national promotion called for user-generated video entries and concert performances allowing women to “release their inner bear” and sing their praises for Snuggle.
  • Provided all editorial content and creative support for Snuggle Singing Scentsation/VH1 Save the Music national event tour, including:
  • Launch script
  • Executive remarks
  • Mat release and radio news releases
  • Pre- and post-event press releases and media follow-u
  • Pitch letters

why it mattered

The fun, fresh tone and events represented a big departure for the brand and an opportunity for moms to have some fun with a pretty mundane household chore. The campaign garnered a large amount of interest and local press in its various markets, culminating with a trip to the Grammy Awards for the winners and an uptick in sales for Snuggle.

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