Nightlife App for Apple and Android


Crusoe Ventures needed creative strategy, branding, and high end UI/UX architecture and design for their mobile app Luck!e — a real-time look at the current and evolving picture of a city’s nightlife and hotspots gathered from a constant stream of user generated input. With a target market of hard partying Millennials in metropolitan areas, it was essential that Luck!e looked swank and was as engaging as it was easy to use.

project lead

Margo Neely

what we did

  • Creative Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Branding and Identity Systems
  • UI/UX Architecture, Design, & Analysis

why it mattered

We made the data the star of the show with a clean and minimal UI, and opted for a gender-spectrum inclusive, “night-to-day Miami Vice” inspired color palette for a little tongue in cheek zazz. The sleek design, interface, and experience appealed to members of the 18—34 crowd looking to “get Luck!e”, while the second year revenue projection of 1.2 million dollars got investors pretty excited.

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