Creative mastermind Kelly Cox needed fresh content for — the game-changing digital media outpost of the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC). But how do you keep it green (digital) while maintaining a handmade vibe?

project lead

Margo Neely

what we did

  • Creative concept development
  • Art Direction
  • Design for film and digital
  • Character design

why it mattered

IYN served up a spicy melange of pop culture and activism, employing writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians to take up the cause of the green lifestyle. We used and remixed vintage media and familiar references (like Night of the Living Dead and Schoolhouse Rock) in a variety of campaigns to keep the end product feeling organic and relatable. The Office of the Living Dead/Use Your Brain digital campaign was a Vimeo Staff Pick and made over one million impressions in its social media debut.

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