Ortho Evra wanted to target college-aged female students in a ‘back to school’ campaign for its birth control pills. Aside from the obvious difficulty of linking sex with students, we also had the challenge of differentiating a semi-commoditized birth control method in a packed marketplace.

project lead

Bree Neely

what we did

Provided all editorial support for celebrity promotional campaign for Ortho Evra birth control, including;

  • B-roll package
  • Website strategy and copy
  • Sound bites
  • Press releases
  • Tip sheets
  • Event presentation script

why it mattered

Empowering women has always been at the heart of Neely & Daughters. And, as we all know, sex is one of the key ways women are disempowered. This campaign not only caused an uptick in Ortho Evra usage from its target audience, but also gave control back to women who needed it.

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