Prepare for lift-off with Pocket Rocket: The Tasteful Nudes of Margo Neely!*

(*This book contains no actual nudes)

This miniature masterpiece fits 24 of Margo Neely’s sexiest, sassiest, and most irreverent pin-ups — right in the palm of your hand. And at a stunning 1.5” tall— it’s small but mighty, like the firecracker herself!

Nestled in a luxurious velvet box, this magnetic pocket-sized marvel comes with a miniature magnifying glass and a microfiber cloth for all your, ahem, “clean up” emergencies. Margo Neely’s Pocket Rocket is your one way ticket to the doghouse, but oh, what a ride it’ll be! 

Don’t miss out on the scandal! The mystery! The miniature magnificence! 

Pocket Rocket is available to the public NOW for the low, low price of $33 — each copy a limited edition work of art signed by the tantalizing artist herself! 

So act now — before it’s too late! 

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Pocket Rocket Promo

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