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Picture them: The unforgettable, hilarious stories of Sophia Petrillo, matriarch of all matriarchs, in the beloved sitcom The Golden Girls. The embodiment of wit, wisdom, and courage, Sophia is perhaps the most authentic depiction of the Sicilian-Italian-American woman ever presented on screen. Her picaresque adventures, her ribald, sweeping tales of romance and heartbreak, are now fully realized in the epic and truthful depictions they richly deserve in the streaming series Picture It: Sicily. These are the stories of young Sophia Grisanti, the lives she touches, and her many loves — all of whom ascend to greatness as a result of their encounter with the goddess Sophia. This is her life in Sicily before she became the Sophia Petrillo known and loved the world over. Featuring the voice of the legendary Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo, and the music of the great Jimmy Roselli, Picture It: Sicily brings both the stories of a true divine feminine Casanova and the essence of Italian-American culture, to life.


Margo Neely

Ep. 1: The Peasant Girl & The Painter

Cast & Crew

  • Margo Neely
    Margo Neely Director • Writer • Editor
  • Matt Neely
    Matt Neely Co-Writer • Cinematographer
  • Brett Bullett
    Brett Bullett Cinematographer
  • Matt Carter
    Matt Carter Pablo Picasso
  • Margo (Passalacqua-Viva) Neely
    Margo (Passalacqua-Viva) Neely Sophia Grisanti
  • Ralph Hammann
    Ralph Hammann Don Vincenzo Florio
  • Timothy Cherubini
    Timothy Cherubini Luigi Carducci
  • Sarah George
    Sarah George Celeste Lizio
  • Cristina Fittante Stuebner
    Cristina Fittante Stuebner Alexandra Tomasi
  • Bernadette Lupo Alden
    Bernadette Lupo Alden Donna Franca Florio
  • Elaine Neely
    Elaine Neely Giulia Portalupi Florio
  • Brian Cherubini
    Brian Cherubini Ignazio Florio Jr.
  • Jeffrey Israel
    Jeffrey Israel Amedeo Romiti
  • Dina Israel
    Dina Israel Gianna Romiti
  • Catherine Newman Howe
    Catherine Newman Howe Isabella Di Castiglione

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