Free Pussy Riot!


Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) and owners of legendary rock club CBGB, Tim Hayes and Louise Parnassa Staley, joined forces to help free punk rock prisoners of conscience Pussy Riot. When they put out the public call for original artwork to support the movement to “Free Pussy Riot” Neely & Daughters got down to business with concept, direction, and execution.

project lead

Margo Neely

what we did

  • Creative strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Content, design, and execution

why it mattered

Pussy Riot’s case connected music, artistic freedom, feminism, and human rights — values and rights we defend and uphold every day. The “Free Pussy Riot” movement inspired legendary artists and musicians to speak out on Pussy Riot’s behalf and sign on to the joint AIUSA-CBGB letter calling for Pussy Riot’s freedom: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Anthony Bourdain, Patti Schemel of Hole, Bunny Carlos, Gogol Bordello and the Family of Joey Ramone among them. The artists took action, the world followed, and Pussy Riot won their freedom.

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