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In the 21st century, pain is the employer’s biggest pain point. MSDs are the number one workplace health cost — effecting more individuals than both heart disease and cancer combined. Companies and employees suffer attempting to navigate the broken healthcare system —  a house of cards built on staggering insurance costs and overburdened healthcare professionals forced to deliver quick, ineffective fixes to the patient. BTR shifts the healthcare focus from reactive to proactive: saving lives, time, and money.

what BTR delivers

  • Analytics and Analysis of healthcare costs and potential savings
  • BTR implementation
  • Access to BTR technology and innovations
  • Ongoing health assessments
  • Ongoing access to a a network of world-class clinical specialists

why it matters

Cost of coverage has doubled every 8 years for the past 4 decades, and employers are increasingly having to share more of that out of pocket burden with employees. BTR humanizes healthcare and puts savvy, self-insured employers back in the driver’s seat — at breathtakingly lower costs to both companies and employees. It’s time to shift focus to wellness and preventative medicine — at up to 78% healthcare savings costs for companies. It’s time to get BTR.

What the Experts Say

  • Obamacare is insurance reform, not heath care reform. Real reform is a change in the delivery system.

    John Torinus, Jr. Author, The Grassroots Health Care Revolution
  • I really believe what you have done for our workers' physical, and even mental, well-being has been the best proactive step that we've ever taken.

    Solve Client Cardinal Glass

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