Rogaine had a unique business problem: while incredibly successful as a product to prevent hair loss in men, it also wanted to be viewed as a beauty tool for women included in every female’s product arsenal – regardless of whether or not they struggled with hair loss.

project lead

Bree Neely

project lead

Bree Neely

what we did

  • Pre- and post-event materials and on-site support for long lead press event introducing editors to Rogaine’s positioning as a beauty tool for women
  • Collateral for Rogaine/Locks of Love sponsorship, including;
  • Key messages
  • National press outreach materials
  • Radio spot scripts

why it mattered

Female hair loss is a devastating condition and one that is, all too often, battled in private. This campaign, which resulted in strategic coverage in ELLE, Vogue and other top pubs, normalized both hair loss and Rogaine use and took the shame and stigma attached with both down several pegs.

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