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Founded in 2007, Neely Air (now a division of Neely & Daughters) is a media production, design, and innovation studio specializing in the creation of original concepts, multi-platform digital content, and streaming broadcast quality media. We create next level work for clients and consumers that soars above and beyond ordinary brand engagement and redefines the traditional entertainment experience. Neely Air excels at supplementing traditional media with creative, interactive materials that enhance the “world” of the project, product, or brand. We’ve pioneered new media formats, content, and crossover concepts that harness the possibilities of media, technology, and audience engagement. The result? Catastrophic success for us and the brands and clients we partner with.  We are the go-to creative incubator, studio, and think tank where visionary innovations gain real-world traction.

Led by Chief Creative Officer Margo Neely, Neely Air is best known for producing the international comic-con favorite and award winning television series Ladies Revenge Club (“Best of the Fest” and “Best Short” winner at New York Comic Con/New York Super Week), the “Rosie Unriveted: We Can’t Do It Anymore” campaign, and the Neely Air mi adidas | Roland TR-808 custom concept*: the megaviral drum machine shoe seen and loved by over 6 billion people worldwide. Our creative vision, guided by intuition, experience, and an acute understanding of human desire, has cemented us as bellwether forecasters, cultural futurists, and influencers. With clients and fans worldwide, we are setting the global pace for what revolutionary content, creative, and experience looks like. This is original content for the 21st century — and beyond. When you fly Neely Air, buckle up and brace for impact.

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* The Neely Air mi adidas | Roland TR-808 custom concept was not solicited by and is not endorsed by Roland Corporation or adidas. It is purely an artistic concept.

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  • In what could be the most fucking cool shit I’ve ever seen, a new sneaker design which incorporates the iconic black, red, orange and yellow 808 design has been unveiled. Not only that, but apparently the sneakers also function as a drum machine. Swish.

  • The machine even survives purely as a design object: The row of red, orange, yellow and white buttons across its front panel, representing a bar of music as 16 programmable "steps," has inspired a conceptual Adidas sneaker that would sell by the boatload if it were real.

    NPR Music
    NPR Music
  • Adidas has style. Wes Anderson has even more style... Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for them to dust off the TR-808 inspired kicks.

    Happy Mag
    Happy Mag
  • Taking its design cues from the legendary TR-808 drum machine, the New York based digital engineers Neely and Daughters dreamed up this prototype. On top of its impeccable styling, the sneaker features tempo control, a start/stop button, speakers, USB port, wi-fi, and bluetooth built-in... Talk about an incredible innovation!

    Gizmodo Japan
    Gizmodo Japan
  • The QUARTZ Obsession: a daily digression into the most fascinating corners of the global economy. September 22, 2017: Viral Wonders | A Fitting Tribute: The The TR-808 drum machine and the TR-808 prototype sneaker by Neely & Daughters.

  • Margo Neely is a creative mastermind.

    The Real Stan Lee
    The Real Stan Lee Legend/Juggernaut, Marvel Comics
  • Margo Neely wins big with 'BEST SHORT' and 'BEST OF THE FESTIVAL' awards for Ladies Revenge Club at GeekFest Film Festival at New York Super Week/New York Comic Con!

    GeekFest Film Festival
    GeekFest Film Festival New York Super Week/New York Comic Con
  • Margo Neely’s Ladies Revenge Club, "Best Series" winner at Here be Dragons/Nine Worlds Geekfest, is a non-stop blast of Fem Fun - sassy, knowing and righteous!

    Here be Dragons Film Festival
    Here be Dragons Film Festival Nine Worlds Geekfest
  • Margo Neely: New Media QUEEN

    Amanda Korman
    Amanda Korman The Berkshire Eagle
  • Margo and her firm have been inundated with requests and offers from all sorts of top brands in the electronic music industry. And now Margo and her team are hard at work on a “revolutionary product” that, she claims, will surpass the TR-808 trainers in every conceivable way. There’s talk of lifestyle, wearables and game-changing, which all sounds very exciting. If any of Margo’s enthusiasm and self-belief could ever materialise as a product then I think it’s going to be awesome.


awards and honors

Best of the FestivalNew York Comic Con • New York Super Week
Best ShortNew York Comic Con • New York Super Week
Best SeriesAmarcord Chicago Arthouse Television Festival
Best CinematographyNew York Comic Con • New York Super Week
Best SeriesHere Be Dragons • Nine Worlds Geekfest UK
Cinebodega Laurels-new
Midnight MovieCinebodega Film Festival Los Angeles
Best Series • Honorable MentionAmerican Movie Awards
Best of the Fest • Official SelectionGeekfest Film Festival • International Tour

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